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" @(#)        ~/.vimrc
" Description:    vim имеет всего два режима - бибикать и все портить. :-)
" Author:    dMitry Alexandrow <dmitry.alexandrow (at) gmail.com>
" Created:    2003-08-24
" Version:    $Id: .vimrc,v 1.59 2008/01/20 23:03:42 SYSTEM Exp $

version 6.2

" Options:                            {{{1
" ======================================
" General:                            {{{2
set nocompatible    " It is important to set this first
set exrc        " enable reading .vimrc/.exrc/.gvimrc in the current directory
set cpoptions=BceFsM    " list of flags to specify Vi compatibility
"set nopaste        " paste mode, insert typed text literally
"set pastetoggle=<F13>    " key sequence to toggle paste mode
"set helpfile        " name of the main help file

"set runtimepath    " list of directories used for runtime files and plugins
if has('win32')
set runtimepath=~/.vim,$VIMRUNTIME,~/.vim/after

"// Store an editing session in the viminfo file; can be used at next session.
set sessionoptions=buffers,folds,sesdir,slash,unix
set viminfo='50,<10,f1,s1,%,!,n~/.vim/.viminfo
set viewdir=~/.vim/view    " directory where to store files with :mkview (~/.vim/view)
set directory=~/.backup//    " directories for the swap file (last // - use full file path)
"set noloadplugins    " don't load plugin scripts when starting up
set debug=msg        " set to `msg` to see error messages for 'foldexpr' & 'indentexpr'
"set verbose=9        " the higher the more messages are given
"set insertmode        " Insert mode is the default mode - makes Vim a modeless editor.
"set eventignore=    " list of autocommand events which are to be ignored

set isfname-== isf-=[ isf-=] isf-=#    " specifies the characters in a file name

let g:ausession= ".vimsession"    " file for autosaved session

" GUI:                                {{{2
"set lm=ru_RU.cp1251    " langmenu: language to be used for the menu
set winaltkeys=no    " Don't use ALT keys for menus.
set guioptions=gmMr    " list of flags that specify how the GUI works
"        T    = Toolbar
"        M    = '$VIMRUNTIME/menu.vim' isn't sourced.
"        m    = Show menu
"        t    = tear-off menus
"        L    = Left-hand scrollbar isn't present

" Tab support for 7.+ version
if has('windows')
    set guioptions+=e
    set switchbuf+=usetab
    set sessionoptions+=tabpages

if has("gui_win32")
    " set guifont=Andale_Mono:h8:cRUSSIAN
    " set guifont=Lucida_Console:h10:cRUSSIAN
    " set guifont=Lucida_Sans_Typewriter:h8:cRUSSIAN
    " set guifont=Courier_New:h10:cDEFAULT
    " set guifont=Liberation_Mono:h10:cRUSSIAN
    set guifont=DejaVu_Sans_Mono:h10:cRUSSIAN lines=999 columns=100
    " set columns=100

" Windows:                            {{{2
set noequalalways    " don't make all windows the same size when adding/removing windows
" set eadirection=ver    " in which direction 'equalalways' works: 'ver', 'hor' or 'both'
set hidden        " don't unload a buffer when no longer shown in a window
set switchbuf=useopen,split    " which window to use when jumping
set nowinfixheight    " don't keep the height of the window
set splitbelow        " a new window is put below the current one (with :split and :help)
set splitright        " a new window is put right of the current one (with :vsplit)
set winwidth=20        " minimal number of columns used for the current window
" set lines=999        " number of lines in the VIM display
" set winminwidth=3    " minimal number of columns used for any window
" set winheight=20    " minimal number of lines used for the current window
" set helpheight=10    " initial height of the help window
" let &winheight=has('gui')? &lines-10 : 20
let &winheight=has('gui')? 35 : 20

"// statusline:
let &stl='--<%02n> %1*%t%* %3*%M%*[%(%R%W%Y%),%{&fenc}:%{&ff}] %2*%{mode()}%* %4*%k%* %= 0x%B at %1*%l%*/%L:%c%V --'
set laststatus=2    " Always a status line

" Moving Around Searching And Patterns:                {{{2
"set path=,;~/**    " list of directory names used for file searching
set cdpath=,,.,~    " list of directory names used for :cd

set nogdefault        " (don't) Use `g` flag by default in substitutes
set nohlsearch        " (no)highlighting the last used search pattern
set incsearch        " show match for partly typed search command
set ignorecase        " ignore case when using a search pattern
set magic        " 'magic' patterns - extended regular expressions: \s+
set smartcase        " override 'ignorecase' when pattern has upper case characters
set nostartofline    " Don't jump to start of line after delete and other misc commands
set whichwrap=<,>,[,],h,l,b,s,~    " list of flags specifying which commands wrap to another line
set nowrapscan        " Searches wrap around the end of the file.
set virtualedit=block    " Cursor can be anywhere in Visual block mode
"set virtualedit=all    " Cursor can be anywhere in all modes

" Tags:                                {{{2
set tags+=./tags;/    " list of file names to search for tags: Upward tag search
set showfulltag        " when completing tags in Insert mode show more info
"set tagbsearch        " use binary searching in tags files
"set taglength=0    " number of significant characters in a tag name or zero
"set tagrelative    " file names in a tags file are relative to the tags file
"set tagstack        " a :tag command will use the tagstack

" Displaying Text:                        {{{2
set display=lastline    " show the last line even if it doesn't fit - no @
set lazyredraw        " don't redraw while executing macros
set nonumber        " don't show the line number for each line
set scrolloff=3        " number of screen lines to show around the cursor
set sidescroll=1    " minimal number of columns to scroll horizontally
set sidescrolloff=3    " minimal number of columns to keep left and right of the cursor
set linebreak        " wrap long lines at a character in 'breakat'
set fillchars=stl:-,stlnc:-,vert:\|,fold:\ ,diff:-
set showbreak=>>

set nolist        " Don't show <Tab> as ^I and end-of-line as $
set nowrap        " no long lines wrap

if has('gui_running')

" list of strings used for list mode
let &listchars = 'tab:|' . nr2char(0xBB) . ',trail:' .nr2char(0xB7) . ',eol:$'

let &fillchars="stl:".nr2char(0xAD).",stlnc:".nr2char(0xAD).',vert:|,fold:'.nr2char(0xB7).',diff:'.nr2char(0xBF)

endif    " has('gui_running')

" Terminal:                            {{{2
set ttyfast        " terminal connection is fast
"set term=builtin_gui    " name of the used terminal
"set guicursor        " specifies what the cursor looks like in different modes
"set titlelen=85    " percentage of 'columns' used for the window title
set titlestring=%F\ %h%w\ -\ gViM    " string to be used for the window title
set title        " show info in the window title
set icon        " set the text of the icon for this window
"set iconstring        " when not empty, text for the icon of this window
"set norestorescreen    " restore the screen contents when exiting Vim
set esckeys        " recognize keys that start with <Esc> in Insert mode

" Mouse:                            {{{2
set mousehide        " Hide the mouse pointer while typing
set mousemodel=extend    " what the right mouse button is used for
set nomousefocus    " the window with the mouse pointer becomes the current one

" Messages And Info:                        {{{2
set confirm        " Always use ':confirm'
set shortmess=aOItT    " To avoid the 'Hit ENTER to continue' prompt
set showcmd        " Show current uncompleted command
set showmode        " (no)show the current mode
set report=0        " Report when N lines were changed.  report=0 : show all changes
set noruler        " (no)Show the cursor position all the time
set noerrorbells    " no Ring the bell (beep or screen flash) for error messages.
set novisualbell    " (don't) Use visual flashing instead of beeping.
"set verbose=0        " show messages about what VIM is doing.

" Selecting:                            {{{2
set selection=exclusive        " Selection is exclusive, mswin-style
"set selection=inclusive    " Selection is inclusive, unix-style
"set selection=old        " / behave mswin
set keymodel=startsel,stopsel    " Use shifted cursor keys to start/stop selection
set selectmode=            " No Select-mode: no replace selection with typing

" Editing:                            {{{2
set backspace=2        " BackSpacing over everything (indent,eol,start) in insert mode
set undolevels=100    " maximum number of changes that can be undone
set tildeop        " `~` command behaves like an operator

if has("unix")        " list of dictionary files for keyword completion
set dictionary=~/.words,/usr/share/dict/*.words
set dictionary=~/.words,c:/usr/share/dict/*.words

"set thesaurus=        " list of thesaurus files for keyword completion

set complete=.,w,b,t,k,i    " specifies how Insert mode completion works
set formatoptions=crqon1    " list of flags that tell how automatic formatting works
    "    t = Auto-wrap text using textwidth (does not apply to comments)
    "    c = Auto-wrap comments, inserting the comment leader
    "    r = Insert the comment leader after hitting <Enter> in Insert mode.
    "    o = Insert the comment leader after hitting 'o' or 'O' in Normal mode.
    "    q = Allow formatting of comments with "gq".
    "    n = Auto-listing
    "    1 = Don't break a line after a one-letter word.
set infercase        " adjust case of a keyword completion match
set showmatch        " show the matching bracket for the last ')'
set matchtime=3        " tenth of a second to show a match for 'showmatch' (def=5)
set nrformats=alpha,hex    " number formats recognized for CTRL-A and CTRL-X commands

if v:version >= 700
set completeopt=longest,menu,preview

" Tabs And Indenting:                        {{{2
set autoindent        " always set autoindenting on
set smartindent        " do clever autoindenting
set cinkeys+=;        " figure out indent when ; is pressed
set noexpandtab        " no expand <Tab> to spaces in Insert mode
set shiftround        " round to 'shiftwidth' for `<<` and `>>`
set smarttab        " a <Tab> in an indent inserts 'shiftwidth' spaces
set tabstop=8        " Number of spaces that a <Tab> in the file counts for.
"set copyindent        " Copy whitespace for indenting from previous line
"set preserveindent    " Preserve kind of whitespace when changing indent
set cinoptions=:0,l1,t0,g0,(0    " C-Indent options: Linux-kernel style
    " N    number of spaces
    " Ns    number of spaces * shiftwidth
    " >N    default indent
    " eN    extra indent if the { is at the end of a line
    " nN    extra indent if there is no {} block
    " fN    indent of the { of a function block
    " gN    indent of the C++ class scope declarations (public, private, protected)
    " {N    indent of a { on a new line after an if,while,for...
    " }N    indent of a } in reference to a {
    " ^N    extra indent inside a function {}
    " :N    indent of case labels
    " =N    indent of case body
    " lN    align case {} on the case line
    " tN    indent of function return type
    " +N    indent continued algibreic expressions
    " cN    indent of comment line after /*
    " (N    indent N characters from the line with the unclosed parentheses.
    " )N    vim searches for closing )'s at most N lines away
    " *N    vim searches for closing */ at most N lines away

" Folding:                            {{{2
set foldenable        " set to display all folds open
set foldlevel=0        " Min folding level
set foldlevelstart=-1    " value for 'foldlevel' when starting to edit a file
set foldclose=all    " close a fold when the cursor leaves it
"set foldopen=all    " specifies for which commands a fold will be opened
set foldminlines=1    " minimum number of screen lines for a fold to be closed
set foldmethod=marker    " folding type: 'manual', 'indent', 'expr', 'marker' or 'syntax'

if has('gui') " && winwidth(0) > 80
    set foldcolumn=3    " width of the column used to indicate folds

" DiffMode:                            {{{2
set diffopt=filler,context:4,iwhite    " options for using diff mode
"set diffexpr        " expression used to obtain a diff file
"set patchexpr        " expression used to patch a file

" Reading And Writing:                        {{{2
set noautoread        " (don't) automatically read a file when it was modified outside of Vim
set backup        " keep a backup file
"set patchmode=.orig    " keep oldest version of a file with this extension
set backupskip+=.passwd    " patterns which files a backup is not made
set backupdir=~/.backup,~/tmp,/tmp,c:/tmp
set fileformat=unix    " end-of-line format: unix - not dos
set fileformats=unix,dos    " list of file formats to look for when editing a file
set modeline        " enable using settings from modelines when reading a file (vim:ts=8:fenc=koi8-r)
set modelines=3         " number of lines to scan for modeline

" CommandLine Editing:                        {{{2
set history=50            " keep 50 lines of command line history
set wildmode=longest:full,full    " specifies how command line completion works
set wildmenu            " enhanced mode command-line completion
set wildcharm=<Tab>        " wildcard expansion inside a macro

"// Ignore at auto-completion:
set wildignore=*.o,*.obj,*.class,*.au,*.wav,*.jar,*.rar,*.zip,*/CVS/,*.~*,*~

"// Ignore with `:edit` command:
set suffixes=.aux,.bak,.dvi,.class,.idx,.log,.ps,.swp,.gz,.tgz,*.rar,.zip,.exe,.dll,.com,.obj,.chm,.out,.COPYING,tags

" External Commands:                        {{{2
set shellslash        " use forward slashes in file names; for Unix-like shells
if v:version < 700
    set grepprg=grep\ -rnEH        " program to use for the `:grep` command
    set grepprg=internal

if has("filterpipe")
    set noshelltemp    " Use pipes on Unix

set formatprg=        " program used to format lines with 'gq' command
set equalprg=        " program used for '=' command (global or local to buffer)
set keywordprg=        " program used for the 'K' command
" set warn        " warn when using a shell command and a buffer has changes

" MultiByte Chars:                        {{{2

set encoding=utf-8
set fileencodings=ucs-bom,utf-8,cp1251,koi8-r,cp866,java
so <sfile>:p:h/keymap/russian-jcuken-win.vim

if has('win32') && !has("gui_running") && $SHELL != ''
set termencoding=8bit-cp1252

" Spelling:                            {{{2

if has("spell")
set spelllang=en,ru
set spellfile=~/.words.utf-8.add
map    <Leader><F3>    :setlocal spell! spell?<CR>

" ======================================            }}}1
" Colors And Position:                        {{{1

"// Color scheme must be loaded _before_ `syntax on`
if has("gui_win32")
    colorscheme MSWin
    colorscheme Norton

if has("gui_win32")
let g:browsefilter =
    \ "All Files (*.*)\t*.*\n"
    \."Config Files (*.ini *.cfg *.rc)\t*.ini;*.cfg;*.rc\n"
    \."C/C++ Source Files (*.c *.cpp *.h *.hpp)\t*.c;*.cpp;*.c++;*.h;*hpp\n"
    \."Java Source Files (*.java *.properties)\t*.java;*.properties\n"
    \."Batch Files (*.bat *.cmd)\t*.bat;*.cmd\n"
    \."Perl Scripts (*.pl *.pm)\t*.pl;*.pm\n"
    \."HTML Files (*.htm *.html *.jsp *.css)\t*.htm;*.html;*.jsp;*.css\n"
    \."Vim scripts (*.vim .vimrc)\t*.vim;.vimrc;.gvimrc;_vimrc;_gvimrc;\n"

" AutoCommands:                            {{{1

filetype plugin indent on    " Enable file type detection
syntax on

function! s:HiddenExec(str)    " Execute str keeping jumps and regisers {{{2
    if &ma && ! &ro
        normal! m`
        " silent! exe a:str
        silent exe a:str
        normal! g``zv
        call histdel("/", -1)
        let @/ = histget("/", -1)
endfunction    " }}}2
augroup ENCODINGS                        " {{{2
    " au BufNewFile    *        setl fenc=cp1251
    " au BufNewFile    *.ini        setl fenc=cp1251

    au FileType    jproperties    nested Encoding java
    au FileType    mail        nested Encoding koi8-r
    " au FileType    dosini        nested Encoding cp1251

    "// To show lang name on the statusline
    au BufNewFile,BufRead    *    let b:keymap_name="RU"
augroup END

augroup AUTOMOD                            " {{{2

    "// Save the buffer marks
    au BufUnload    *    wviminfo!

    "// Remove trailing blanks and ^M
    au BufRead            *    call s:HiddenExec('%s/\r\+$//e')
    au BufWritePre,FileWritePre    *    call s:HiddenExec('%s/\s\+$//e')

    "// To insert the current date and time in a *.html file when writing it:
    au BufWritePre    *.htm,*.html,*.php    call s:HiddenExec('%s/\<last modified:\zs\s*\S*/\=strftime(" %Y-%m-%d")/ie')
augroup END

augroup VIMrc            " //FileType Additions:        {{{2

    "// Use visual flashing instead of beeping & disable visualbells
    au GUIEnter    *    set vb t_vb=
    au GUIEnter    *    winpos 0 0

    "// Show today diary file
    au VimEnter    *    let diary_file = expand(substitute(strftime('~/diary/%Y/%m/%d.cal'),'/0','/','g'))
    au VimEnter    *    if filereadable(diary_file) | exe "pedit" diary_file | endif

    "// Restore last known position.
    au BufReadPost    *    silent! exe line("'\"")? 'norm! g`"zv' : ''

    au FileType    log    setlocal autoread

    "// To use use a syntax file as a dictionary.
    " au Syntax    *    exec('set dict+='.$VINRUNTIME.'/'. expand('<amatch>') .'.vim')
    "au FuncUndefined    *    silent! source ~/.vim/macros/<afile>.vim

    "// Jump to the last place you had been while reading Vim help files by use 'H
    au BufLeave    *    if &bt=='help' | mark H | endif
    au BufWinEnter    *    if &ft=~'^\v(help|man|info)$' || &pvw | exe 'wincmd K' | endif

    " VimTip214: Current buffer based menus.
    " If you have different menus for different filetypes, and you want to have
    " only the menu relevant to current buffer displayed, you can use this approach:
    au BufEnter    *    exe exists('b:BuffEnter')? b:BuffEnter : ''
    au BufLeave    *    exe exists('b:BuffLeave')? b:BuffLeave : ''

    au BufRead    ~/.passwd    setl syn=url fdm=expr fde=outline#fold()

    if executable('pwgen') == 1
    au BufRead    ~/.passwd    nno    <buffer><silent><LocalLeader>p    "=substitute(system('pwgen'),'\n$','','')<CR>p
    elseif executable('makepasswd') == 1
    au BufRead    ~/.passwd    nno    <buffer><silent><LocalLeader>p    "=substitute(system('makepasswd -l 12'),'\n$','','g')<CR>p
    elseif executable('perl') == 1
    au BufRead    ~/.passwd    nno    <buffer><silent><LocalLeader>p    "=substitute(system('perl -MText::Password::Pronounceable -e "print Text::Password::Pronounceable->generate(8, 10)"'),'\n$','','')<CR>p
    " au BufRead    ~/.passwd    nno    <buffer><silent><LocalLeader>p    "=substitute(system('cscript.exe //NoLogo c:/bin/pwgen.js'),'\n$','','g')<CR>p

    au BufRead    ~/.passwd    imap    <buffer><silent><LocalLeader>p    <C-O><LocalLeader>p
    au BufRead    ~/.passwd    nno    <buffer><C-Ins> "*yiW
    au BufRead    ~/GTD/*        setf    vimwiki

augroup END

augroup SyntaxAdd                        " {{{2
    au Syntax    *    syn match WhitespaceEOL    containedin=TOP /\s\+$/
    au Syntax    *    syn match WhitespaceEOL    containedin=TOP / \+\t/he=e-1
    au Syntax    *    syn match WhitespaceEOL    containedin=TOP /\t \+/hs=s+1

    au Syntax help,todo    syn clear WhitespaceEOL

    au Syntax *.[ch],*.[ch]pp runtime syntax/doxygen.vim
augroup END

augroup SESSSIONS                        " {{{2
    au VimEnter    * nested if !strlen(v:this_session) && !argc() && !expand("<client>") && filereadable(g:ausession) | exec 'so' g:ausession | endif

    au VimLeavePre    * if strlen(v:this_session)
    au VimLeavePre    *    let SESSION = v:this_session
    au VimLeavePre    *    exe 'mksession!' v:this_session
if has('win32')
    au VimLeavePre    *    exe 'silent!!start NirCmd.exe shortcut "'.v:this_session'" "~$folder.desktop$\Projects" '.fnamemodify(v:this_session,':p:h:t:r')
    au VimLeavePre    * else
    au VimLeavePre    *    silent! unlet SESSION
    au VimLeavePre    * endif
augroup END

augroup CMDWindow            " // Command Window:    {{{2
    " Save new history after editing
    au CmdwinEnter    *    map <buffer><ESC>    :q<CR>
    au CmdwinLeave    *    exe 'call histdel("'.expand('<afile>').'")|%call histadd("'.expand('<afile>').'",getline("."))'
augroup END

augroup CVSCommand                        "{{{2
    au User CVSBufferSetup    map <buffer>q        :bwipeout<CR>
    au User CVSBufferSetup    map <buffer><ESC>    :bwipeout<CR>
augroup END

augroup GnuPG                            " {{{2
    au BufReadPost    *.asc    :%!gpg -qd
    au BufWritePre    *.asc    :%!gpg -qea
    au BufWritePost    *.asc    :undo

    if !has("gui_running")
        au BufReadPost    *.asc    :redraw!
        "au VimLeave    *.asc    :!clear
augroup END

augroup EXTEXE            " // Associations:        {{{2

if has('win32')
    "// Execute command and close opened for it buffer
    command! -nargs=* -bang -complete=file SExe silent<bang> exe '!start' iconv(<q-args>,&enc,'cp1251') |bu#|bw!#

    "// To make gf worked for URL, say, file:///C:/myfile.txt
    au BufReadCmd    file://*    bd!|edit <afile>:p:s?^file://??
    au BufReadCmd    reg://*        SExe! NirCmd.exe regedit <afile>:p:s?^reg://??
    au BufReadCmd    http://*    SExe! rundll32.exe shell32.dll,ShellExec_RunDLL <afile>:p

    "// Multimedia (don't work w/out exe '!start' ; no spaces in path)
    " au BufReadCmd    *.mp3    SExe! madplay --tty-control <afile>:p
    au BufReadCmd    *.exe    SExe! <afile>:p

    au BufReadCmd    *.lnk,*.url,*.chm,*.pdf,*.djvu,*.zip,*.rar,*.mp3
        \ SExe! NirCmd.exe shexec open "<afile>:p"
        " \ SExe! RunDll32.exe shell32.dll,ShellExec_RunDLL "<afile>:p"

    au BufReadCmd    *.jpg,*.gif,*.ico,*.png,*.bmp,*.icl
        \ SExe! NirCmd.exe shexec view "<afile>:p"

    "// Decompile java classes
    au BufReadCmd    *.class    exe '0r!jad -p <afile>'
    au BufReadCmd    *.class    exe setlocal ft=java bt=nowrite nomod noma
augroup END

" ======================================            }}}1
" Syntax Highlighting:                        {{{1

"// Should be set _after_ 'syntax on'
hi! link StorageClass    Statement
hi! link Structure    Statement
hi! link Function    Normal

"// Highlighting whitespaces at end of line
hi! link WhitespaceEOL    WarningMsg

hi! link diffRemoved    Comment
hi! link diffAdded    PreProc

let readline_has_bash = 1
let is_bash = 1
let sh_fold_enabled= 1

" Plugins:                            {{{1

let user = 'dMitry Alexandrov'        " used by Templates
let replyto = 'dmitry.alexandrow@gmail.com'    " - '' -
let copyright = strftime("%Y").', Mitrysoft Corp.  All rights reserved.'
let username = 'Mitry'            " used by JCommenter
let spec_chglog_format = '%Y-%n-%d ' .user.' <'.replyto.'>'

" -------------
" Environment:
let $EDITOR = (has('gui_running')?'g':'') . 'vim --remote-silent'
let $MAIL = 'Inbox.mbx'            " Used by mailbrowser
let $TERM = has('gui')? 'dump' : $TERM

" Explore:                            {{{2
let explDetailedHelp=0    " Show more help
let explDetailedList=0    " the size and date to do not show by default
let explVertical=1    " Split vertically
let explWinSize=25    " the number of rows or columns
let explDirsFirst=-1    " Directories at the bottom of the list
let explSplitRight=1    " Put new window to the right of the explorer
let explStartRight=0    " Put new explorer window to the left of the current window
let explUseSeparators=0    " Include separator lines between directories, files, and suffixes
"let explHideFiles='^\.,\.gz$,\.exe$,\.dat$,\.zip$,\.class$,\.log$'

noremap    <silent><F10>    :aboveleft 25vsplit %:p:h<CR>
map    <silent>gz    <Plug>NetrwBrowseX

" TagList:                            {{{2
let Tlist_Inc_Winwidth=1
let Tlist_Display_Prototype=0
let Tlist_Compact_Format=1
let Tlist_Exit_OnlyWindow=1

map    <silent><M-F11>    :Tlist<CR>

" Calendar: (cp-1251)                        {{{2
let g:calendar_navi_label = 'Пред,Сегодня,След'
let g:calendar_mruler = 'Янв,Фев,Мар,Апр,Май,Июн,Июл,Авг,Сен,Окт,Ноя,Дек'
let g:calendar_wruler = 'Вс Пн Вт Ср Чт Пт Сб'
let g:calendar_monday = 1
let g:calendar_focus_today=1

hi! CalWeekend guifg=red
hi! link CalSaturday    CalWeekend
hi! link CalSunday    CalWeekend
hi! link CalMemo    Type
hi! link CalToday    Todo

"// map this way to disable mapping in Calendar.vim plugin (NO noremap)
map    <C-F11>        <Plug>CalendarV
map    <C-S-F11>    <Plug>CalendarH

" CVSCommand:                            {{{2
"let loaded_cvscommand = 1    " Don't load
let CVSCommandDeleteOnHide=1    " automatically delete temporary CVS results
let CVSCommandDiffOpt='wbBu'    " options passed to the diff command (fefault: wbBc)
let CVSCommandEdit='split'    " the original buffer is replaced ('edit') or split
let CVSCommandEnableBufferSetup=0    " set 'CVSRevision' 'CVSBranch' vars

" Mru:                                {{{2
let MRU_File = '~/.vim/.mru_files'
"let MRU_Max_Entries=20

" Changelog:                            {{{2
let changelog_username = username    " used by changelog ftplugin

" <Leader>o - switches to the ChangeLog buffer opened for the current directory.
runt ftplugin/changelog.vim

" Commenting:                            {{{2
" EnhancedCommentify:                        {{{3
let EnhCommentifyRespectIndent='yes'    " - yes/no - in lowcase ?!?!
let EnhCommentifyPretty='yes'        " -
let EnhCommentifyUseSyntax='yes'    " -
let EnhCommentifyUseBlockIndent='yes'    " -
let EnhCommentifyMultiPartBlocks='yes'    " - Mulitline-comments
"let EnhCommentifyUseAltKeys='no'    " Use alt keybindings <Meta-X> instead of <Leader>X.
"let EnhCommentifyUserBindings='yes'    " -

nmap    <silent><M-`>    <Plug>Traditional<C-\><C-N>j
imap    <M-`>        <ESC><M-`>i
vmap    <silent><M-`>    <Plug>VisualTraditional<C-\><C-N>gv

"// Copy current line and commentify it
nmap    <silent><C-Z><C-Z>    :copy -1<CR><M-`>
imap    <C-Z><C-Z>        <C-O><C-Z><C-Z>

" Doxygen:                            {{{3
let DoxygenToolkit_briefTag=".."
let DoxygenToolkit_authorName=username
" Disable Some Plugins:                        {{{2
let loaded_matchparen=1            " showing matching parens ??? by Bram Moolenaar
let loaded_gzip=1            " plugin for editing compressed files
let loaded_GetLatestVimScripts=1    " disable GetLatestVimScripts
let loaded_rrhelper = 1            " helper function(s) for --remote-wait
" let loaded_netrw = 1            " file transfer and local/remote directory listing (Explore)
let netrw_use_nt_rcp=1            " use the rcp of WinNT for netrw
" let loaded_netrwFileHandlers=1
" let loaded_netrwSettings=1
" let loaded_vimball=1            " construct a file containing both paths and files ???

" ======================================            }}}1
" Key Mapping:                            {{{1

"// See also:
" ~/.vim/plugins/SpKeys.vim    Standard mapping for <C-Fx> and <M-Fx> :
" ~/.vim/plugins/MetaMove.vim    blockwise select mode

" Select Current Word:                        {{{2
nmap    <C-Space>    ciw
nmap    <S-Space>    ciW
omap    <C-Space>    iw
omap    <S-Space>    iW
vmap    <C-Space>    iw
vmap    <S-Space>    iW

" Undo: <M-BS>                            {{{2
map    <M-BS>        <Undo>
map    <M-S-BS>    <C-R>

" Help: <F1>                            {{{2
if has("win32")
    noremap <M-F1>    :emenu Help.English-Russian<CR>

"// In insert and command mode:
map!    <F1>    <C-C><F1>

"// How prev help topic
map    <silent><S-F1>    <C-W>s`H:setl bt=help<CR>

"// Show Syntax Highlighting groups the item under the cursor
map    <silent><Leader><Leader>?    :echomsg "hi<" . synIDattr(synID(line("."),col("."),1),"name") . '> trans<' . synIDattr(synID(line("."),col("."),0),"name") . "> lo<" . synIDattr(synIDtrans(synID(line("."),col("."),1)),"name") . ">"<cr>
map    <C-S-F1>    <Leader><Leader>?

"// Show buffer key mappings
map    <Leader><F1>    :map <LT>buffer><CR>

" Deleting:                            {{{2
noremap        <C-BS>    db
cnoremap    <C-BS>    <C-W>

"// Delete current line
imap    <C-Y>    <C-O>dd
nmap    <M-Del>    diw

"// Delete to the clipboard
imap    <S-Del>    <ESC>"*yyddi
nmap    <S-Del>    "*dd

"// Delete the word right
map    <C-Del>    dw

"// Delete the rest of the line
map    <C-S-Del>    d$

"// Delete empty lines in the selection
vmap    <silent><Leader>d    :g/^$/d<CR>

"// Don't delete whole line if selection exists
vmap    C    c
nmap    <C-C>    ciw

" Saving: <F2>                            {{{2
noremap    <silent><F2>    :update<CR>
noremap    <silent><M-F2>    :wall<CR>
noremap    <silent><S-F2>    :browse confirm saveas<CR>

" Searching: <F7>                        {{{2
nnoremap    <F7>    /<C-R><C-W>
cnoremap    <F7>    %s!!!g<Left><Left><Left>

nnoremap    <C-F7>    :.,$s!\<<C-R><C-W>\>!!g<Left><Left>
vnoremap    <C-F7>    y<C-\><C-N>:<C-U>.,$s!<C-R>=escape(@",'\!')<CR>!!g<Left><Left>
cnoremap    <C-F7>    .,$s!!!g<Left><Left><Left>

nnoremap    <M-F7>    :%s!\<<C-R><C-W>\>!!g<Left><Left>
cnoremap    <M-F7>    %s!!!g<Left><Left><Left>

"// Search current word in the other window
noremap        <S-F7>    yiw<C-W>pgg:call search(@@)<CR>

" Windows:                            {{{2
map    <M-kPlus>    <C-W>5+
map    <M-S-kPlus>    <C-W>_
map    <M-kMinus>    <C-W>5-
map    <M-S-kMinus>    <C-W>1_
map    <M-kDivide>    <C-W>=

map    <C-W><S-Up>    <C-W>K
map    <C-W><S-Down>    <C-W>J
map    <C-W><S-Left>    <C-W>H
map    <C-W><S-Right>    <C-W>L

"// Jump between windows
nnoremap    <C-W><C-W>    <C-W>p

"// Sroll other window
nmap    <M-C-Up>    <C-W>p<C-\><C-N><C-Y><C-W>p
nmap    <M-C-Down>    <C-W>p<C-\><C-N><C-E><C-W>p

"// Switch buffers
nmap    <Leader><Tab>    :buffer<SPACE><TAB>

"// WinTabs support
if has('windows')
nnoremap    <F6>    <C-W>^<C-W>T
" nnoremap    <silent><S-Esc>    :simalt ~n<CR>
" nnoremap    <silent><F4>    :tabnew<CR>

map    <C-Tab>        gt
map    <C-S-Tab>    gT

map    <C-W><Tab>    gt
map    <C-W><S-Tab>    gT

map    <M-1>        1gt
map    <M-2>        2gt
map    <M-3>        3gt
map    <M-4>        4gt
map    <M-5>        5gt
map    <M-6>        6gt
map    <M-7>        7gt
map    <M-8>        8gt
map    <M-9>        9gt
map    <M-0>        10gt


map    <C-Tab>        :sbuffer<Space><Tab><Tab>
map    <C-S-Tab>    <C-^>


" QuickFix: Development/Compile <F9>                {{{2
nmap    <silent><C-F9>    :wall<BAR>cclose<BAR>silent make<BAR>botright cwindow 4<CR>
nmap    <silent><F9>    :botright cwindow 4<BAR>cnext<CR>zv
nmap    <silent><S-F9>    :botright cwindow 4<BAR>cprev<CR>zv

" VimTip94: :ptjump on the tag
" map    <C-]>    <C-W>g}
" map    <C-Z>]    <C-W>g<C-]>

"// Show Tags
" map    <F4>    :silent ptag <C-R><C-W><CR>

" Mode Switch:                            {{{2
nmap    <silent><F3>    :setlocal wrap! wrap?<CR>
nmap    <silent><M-F3>    :setlocal list! list?<CR>
nmap    <silent><C-F3>    :setlocal number! number?<CR>
nmap    <silent><S-F3>    :setlocal hlsearch! hlsearch?<CR>

"// Insert/Normal mode switching
" map    <silent><F12>    :set insertmode! im?<CR>

" Folding:                            {{{2
" Hide/show fold column
nmap    zi    zi:let &l:fdc=&l:fen*&g:fdc<CR>
nmap    zZ    :<C-U>let &l:fdc=v:count<CR>

" Tip#1330: Easily open and close folds
nmap    <SPACE> za
nmap    <CR>    zozt
nmap    <ESC>    zczz

" Goto next/prev folder
nmap    <M-PageDown>    zjzvzt
nmap    <M-PageUp>    zkzv[zzt

" Fold an entire block of code
map    <kPoint>    v%zf

" View cursor line only
nmap    zV        zMzx

" Lines: Copy/Move/Swap                        {{{2

"// have Y behave analogously to D rather than to dd
nmap Y y$

"// With no selection - copy current line
nmap    <C-Insert>    "+yy
imap    <C-Insert>    <C-O>"+yy
cmap    <C-Insert>    <C-Y>

"// Move lines up/down
nmap    <silent><C-Down>    :move +1<CR>
imap    <C-Down>        <C-O><C-Down>
vmap    <silent><C-Down>    :move <C-R>=line("'>")+1<CR><CR><C-\><C-N>gv

map    <silent><C-Up>        :move -2<CR>
imap    <C-Up>            <C-O><C-UP>
vmap    <silent><C-Up>        :move -2<CR><C-\><C-N>gv

"// Copy chars from prev/next line
inoremap    <C-Space>    <C-Y>
inoremap    <C-S-Space>    <C-E>

"// Copy line - like yyp , but keep cursor position
nmap    <silent><C-Z>z        :copy .<CR>
imap    <silent><C-Z>z        <C-O><C-Z>z

"// Add selection to clipboard
vnoremap <silent><C-kPlus>    :<C-U>let @c=@*<CR><C-\><C-N>gv"Cy:let @*=@c<CR>

"// Copy whole bubber to clipboard
nmap    <C-Z><C-Insert>    :%yank *<CR>

"// Meta-A is Select all
noremap        <M-A>    ggVG

"// Copy current word to the clipboard
noremap        <M-Insert>    "*yiw

"// Change current word with clipboard
nmap        <M-S-Insert>    ciw<C-R>*<ESC>

" CursorKeys: use screen lines                    {{{2
"// editing mapping (make cursor keys work like in windows.
"// ie: <C-Left><C-Right> move to next word.
nmap    <C-Left>    b
vmap    <C-S-Left>    b
nmap    <C-S-Left>    vb
imap    <C-S-Left>    <C-O>vb

if &sel == 'exclusive'
nmap    <C-Right>    w
vmap    <C-S-Right>    w
nmap    <C-S-Right>    vw
imap    <C-S-Right>    <C-O>vw
nmap    <C-Right>    e
vmap    <C-S-Right>    e
nmap    <C-S-Right>    ve
imap    <C-S-Right>    <C-O>ve

nnoremap    <M-Up>        <C-E>
nnoremap    <M-Down>    <C-Y>

" Indenting:                            {{{2
"// In visual mode, <TAB> will shift the block and restore selection
"// <S-TAB> will do the same thing, going backward.
vmap    <Tab>    >gv
vmap    <S-Tab>    <LT>gv

nmap    <Tab>    >>
nmap    <S-Tab>    <LT><LT>

inoremap <S-Tab>    <C-D>

" Encodings: i18n: & l10n                    {{{2
function! s:FEncNext()    " // File Encoding switching
    let b:encstring = (!exists("b:encstring"))? substitute(&fencs, ',', ' ', 'g') : b:encstring

    if &fenc=='' | let &l:fenc=&enc | return | endif
    " place current fenc to the end of the string
    let b:encstring = substitute(b:encstring, '^\v(.*<'. &fenc .'>)\s+(.*)$', '\2 \1', '')
    let nenc = substitute(b:encstring, '^\v\s*(\S+).+', '\1', '')

    if expand('%') == ''
        let &l:fenc=nenc
        silent exec 'vi ++enc=' . nenc

map <silent><F8> :call <SID>FEncNext()<CR>

" Switch LangMap:
nmap    <silent><F12>    :set im<CR><C-^><C-O>:set noim<CR>
map!    <F12>        <C-^>

" SwitchCase:                            {{{2
imap    <silent><Plug>SwitchCase <C-R>=(@@==#toupper(@@))?tolower(@@):(@@==#tolower(@@))?substitute(@@,'\<.','\u&',''):toupper(@@)<CR><C-O>`]
nmap    <M-\>    ciw<Plug>SwitchCase
vmap    <M-\>    c<C-\><C-N>i<Plug>SwitchCase<ESC>gv
imap    <M-\>    <ESC>ciW<Plug>SwitchCase

map    <Plug>SxCase    ciw

" Digraphs:                            {{{2
dig ** 8226    " &bull;
dig .. 8230    " &hellip
" dig <space><space>    160    " &nbsp;

" Insert Date Time FileName:                    {{{2
imap    <silent><C-Z><C-D>    <C-R>=strftime('%Y-%m-%d')<CR>
imap    <silent><C-Z><C-T>    <C-R>=strftime('%H:%M')<CR>
imap    <silent><C-Z><C-F>    <C-R>='@(#) '.expand('%:p:~')<CR>
imap    <silent><C-Z><C-V>    <C-R>='vim: set ft='.&ft.' ts='. &ts . ' noet fenc=' . &fenc . ':'<CR>
imap    <silent><C-Z><C-R>    <C-R>='(c) '.copyright<CR>
imap    <silent><C-Z><C-M>    <C-R>=strftime('Mitry[%Y-%m-%d]: ')<CR>
imap    <silent><C-Z><C-U>    <C-R>=user.' <'.replyto.'>'<CR>
imap    <silent><C-Z><C-E>    <C-R>=replyto<CR>

imap    <C-R><C-D>        <C-R>=expand("%:p:h")<CR>

nmap    <C-Z><C-D>        i<C-Z><C-D><ESC>
nmap    <C-Z><C-T>        i<C-Z><C-T><ESC>
nmap    <C-Z><C-F>        i<C-Z><C-F><ESC>
nmap    <C-Z><C-V>        i<C-Z><C-V><ESC>
nmap    <C-Z><C-R>        i<C-Z><C-R><ESC>
nmap    <C-Z><C-X>        i<C-Z><C-X><ESC>
nmap    <C-Z><C-U>        i<C-Z><C-U><ESC>

" Command Mode Abbrs:                        {{{2
cabb    E    echo
cnoremap E<S-Space> echo<space>

cmap    <C-Space>    ~/.vim/<tab>
cmap    <S-Space>    %s!!!g<Left><Left><Left>
cmap    <C-S-Space>    .,$s!!!g<Left><Left><Left>
cmap    <C-Q>        \(.\{-}\)

" Escape commandline:
cmap    <F8>        <C-\>eescape(getcmdline(), ' \')<CR>

" Copy to clipboard:
cmap    <C-Insert>    <C-R>=setreg('*',getcmdline())?'':''<CR>

" Insert current line:
cmap    <C-R><C-L>    <C-R>=strtrans(getline('.'))<CR>

" Delete the word after cursor
cmap    <C-Delete>    <C-\>esubstitute(getcmdline(), '\%'.getcmdpos().'c\k\+\s*', '','')<CR>

" Insert paths
cmap    <C-R><C-D>    <C-R>=expand("%:p:h")<CR>/
cmap    <C-R><C-G>    <C-R>=getcwd()<CR>/
cmap    <C-R><C-T>    ~/.vim/ftplugin/<C-R>=&ft<CR><TAB><TAB>
" cmap    <C-R><C-H>    ~/Download/00Docs/<TAB>
cmap    <C-R><C-V>    ~/.vim/<TAB>

" Paths
cnoremap    <M-`>    <C-R>=expand("%:p:h")<CR>/
cnoremap    <M-1>    ~/.vim/<TAB>
cnoremap    <M-2>    $VIMRUNTIME/<TAB>
cnoremap    <M-3>    ~/src/<TAB>
cnoremap    <M-4>    /usr/src/<TAB>

" Edit Files:                            {{{2
" // Forcebly edit file under cursor
" nmap <Leader>gf :edit %:p:h/<cfile><cr>
nmap    <Leader>gf    :try<bar>find <lt>cfile><bar>catch<bar>edit %:p:h/<lt>cfile><bar>endtry<cr>

nmap <Leader><Leader>v    :sp ~/.vim/.vimrc<CR>
nmap <Leader><Leader>V    :sp ./.vimrc<CR>
nmap <Leader><Leader>M    :sp ~/.vim/menu.vim<CR>
nmap <Leader><Leader>p    :sp ~/.passwd<CR>
" nmap <Leader><Leader>o    :sp ~/.plan<CR>
nmap <Leader><Leader>o    :sp ~/GTD/@someday<CR>
nmap <Leader><Leader>O    :sp `=g:diary_file`<CR>
nmap <Leader><Leader>T    :pedit `=exists('b:my_ftplugin')? b:my_ftplugin : '~/.vim/ftplugin/'.&ft.'.vim'`<CR><C-W>P
nmap <Leader><Leader>d    :sp ++enc=cp866 ~/Desktop/2down.lst<CR>
nmap <Leader><Leader>e    :e <C-R>=expand("%:p:h").'/'<CR><Tab>
" Scratch
nmap <Leader><Leader>s    :tabnew +setl\ bt=nofile<cr>

"// Edit vimsession-extra file:
nmap <Leader><Leader>X    :sp `=fnamemodify(v:this_session,':p:r').'.x.vim'`<CR>
nmap <Leader><Leader>S    :exe exists('SESSION')? 'so '.SESSION : 'echoerr "No last session known!"'<CR>

"// Template/snippets:
nmap <Leader><Leader>t    :read  ~/.vim/templates/<C-R>=&ft<CR>/<TAB>
vmap <Leader><Leader>t    :write ~/.vim/templates/<C-R>=&ft<CR>/

nmap <Leader><Leader>m    :sfind Makefile<CR>

if has('win32') && isdirectory('c:/var/log/cron/')
nmap <Leader><Leader>n    :pedit ++enc=cp1251 +$ c:/var/log/cron/<C-R>=strftime('nnCron%m%d.log')<CR><CR>

" Complition                            {{{2
if v:version >= 700

" ** These two mappings are probably the most rare, yet most valuable: **
inoremap    <expr><c-n>    pumvisible()? "\<lt>c-n>" : "\<lt>c-n>\<lt>c-r>=pumvisible() ? \"\\<lt>down>\" : \"\"\<lt>cr>"
inoremap    <expr><c-p>    pumvisible()? "\<lt>c-n>" : "\<lt>c-n>\<lt>c-r>=pumvisible() ? \"\\<lt>up>\" : \"\"\<lt>cr>"
" inoremap    <expr><m-;>    pumvisible()? "\<lt>c-n>" : "\<lt>c-x>\<lt>c-o>\<lt>c-n>\<lt>c-p>\<lt>c-r>=pumvisible() ? \"\\<lt>down>\" : \"\"\<lt>cr>"


" Abbreviations:                        {{{2
iabbr    dM    <C-R>=user.' <'.replyto.'>'<CR>
iabbr    NEO    Nomen est omen

" Exec File:                            {{{2
if has('win32')

nmap    <silent>gx    :silent!!start RunDll32.exe shell32.dll,ShellExec_RunDLL <cfile><CR>
nmap    <silent>gX    :silent!!start RunDll32.exe shell32.dll,ShellExec_RunDLL "%:p"<CR>
map    <silent><C-F10>    gX

map    <M-F12>        :silent!!start c:/opt/far/far.exe /i /c %:p:h:gs?/?\\?<CR>

if executable('NirCmd.exe')
"// Jump to regkey in the RegEdit via NirCmd
map    <silent>gy    :silent!!start NirCmd.exe regedit <cfile>:s?^\[\|]$??:s?^-??<CR>

"// Make link to the current file on the desktop
map    <silent><M-F6>    :silent!!start NirCmd.exe shortcut "%:p" "~$folder.desktop$" "%:p:t:r"<CR>
"// Make link to the current session on the desktop
map    <silent><S-F6>    :if strlen(v:this_session)
    \ <BAR> exe ':silent!!start NirCmd.exe shortcut "'.v:this_session'" "~$folder.desktop$\Projects" '.fnamemodify(v:this_session,':p:h:t:r')
    \ <BAR> else <BAR> echoerr "No session!!" <BAR> endif<CR>


" GUI:                                {{{2
"// Switch main GUI menu:
function! s:SwitchGui(opt)
    exe "set go".(&go =~# a:opt?'-':'+') . "=" .a:opt
    set lines=999

nmap    <silent><F10>    :call <SID>SwitchGui('m')<CR>
nmap    <silent><S-F10>    :call <SID>SwitchGui('T')<CR>
" map    <silent><F10>    :if &go =~#'m'\|set go-=m\|else\|set go+=m\|endif\|set lines=999<CR>

"// Increase/decrease fontsize
" @see http://vim.wikia.com/wiki/VimTip760
nnoremap <C-kPlus>    :let &gfn=substitute(&gfn,':h\zs\d\+','\=eval(submatch(0)+1)','')<bar>set lines=999<CR>
nnoremap <C-kMinus>    :let &gfn=substitute(&gfn,':h\zs\d\+','\=eval(submatch(0)-1)','')<bar>set lines=999<CR>

" ===============================                }}}2

"// Start block selection:
nnoremap    <C-V><C-V> <C-V>$

"// Restore ability to use <C-I> redefined by indeneting with <Tab>
nnoremap    <M-Right>    <C-I>zv
nnoremap    <M-Left>    <C-O>zv

inoremap    <C-CR>    <C-O>O
inoremap    <S-CR>    <C-O>o

"// Auto-completion assigned
inoremap    <M-Space>    <C-X><C-V>

"// Quick insert 1 char
nnoremap    <M-i>    i<SPACE><ESC>r

"// Quick paste
inoremap    <M-p>    <C-R>"

"// Disable <C-Z> - suspend vim
map    <C-Z>    <NOP>
map!    <C-Z>    <NOP>

"// Correct syntax synchronization
map    <leader><leader>r    :syntax sync fromstart<cr>

" VimTip44: The last command-line change (those invoked with ":",
" e.g. :s/foo/bar ) can be repeated with the "@:" command.
map    <F5>    @:

" VimTip637: execute accidently inserted commands
"// If you are in insert mode and typed an command for normal mode, you can
"// use it.  This mapping switches to normal mode, undo'es the last insertion
"// and takes it as a command.
inoremap    <C-ESC>    <ESC>u@.

"// Puts "" around the word under cursor or the visual selected area
nnoremap    <C-Z>"    ciw"<C-r>""<ESC>
vnoremap    <C-Z>"    c"<C-r>""<ESC>

nnoremap    <C-Z>'    ciw'<C-r>"'<ESC>
vnoremap    <C-Z>'    c'<C-r>"'<ESC>

nnoremap    <C-Z>)    ciw(<C-r>")<ESC>
vnoremap    <C-Z>)    c(<C-r>")<ESC>`[

"// Swap the current and preceeding word at the line end
nmap    <Leader><BS>    daWgepe

"// don't use ex mode, use q for line formatting
nmap    Q    gw}
vmap    Q    gq

"// Format block of lines
nmap    g=    =g%
map    <M-=>    =g%

"// Visually select the last copy/pasted text (didn't work ?)
nnoremap    <M-v>    `[v`]
inoremap    <M-v>    <C-O>`[v`]

"// Duplicate current line and in/decriment
nmap    <M-a>    :copy .<CR><C-A>
nmap    <M-x>    :copy -<CR><C-X>

" ======================================
"echo "Key mapping done!!!"

" Commands:                            {{{1
" Redir: Copy vim command output to the system clipboard    {{{2
command! -nargs=+ -complete=command Redir
    \   redir @a
    \ | silent <args>
    \ | redir END
    \ | 20new [Scratch: <q-args>]
    \ | 1put! a
    \ | setlocal bh=delete bt=nofile nomod
    \ | wincmd p

" CD: to the dir of the current buffer for current window    {{{2
command! CD lcd %:p:h
command! Cd lcd %:p:h

" Info:                                {{{2
"// Define Info cmd to source script file which redefine this one
command! -nargs=* Info
    \ delcommand Info |
    \ runt scripts/Info.vim |
    \ Info <args>

" Man:                                {{{2
"// Define Man cmd to source script file which redefine this one
command! -nargs=1 Man
    \ delcommand Man |
    \ runt ftplugin/man.vim |
    \ Man <args>

" WinHelp: Invoke Windows help                    {{{2
if has('win32')
command! -nargs=1 -complete=file WinHelp
    \ call libcallnr(expand('~/.vim/etc/wvimhlp.dll'), 'winhelp',
    \ <q-args> . '|' . iconv(expand('<cword>'), &enc, 'cp1251'))
" Encoding: Change file encoding                {{{2
command! -nargs=1 -bar Encoding if &fenc!=<q-args> | visual ++enc=<args> | endif

" Far: invoke far manager                    {{{2
if has('win32')
command! -nargs=0 -bar Far :silent!!start c:/opt/far/far.exe -i %:p:h

" Move (append) lines to the other file                {{{2
" Usage: :{range}Move [file_name]
command! -complete=file -range -bang -nargs=? Move :<line1>,<line2>write<bang> >> <args>|:<line1>,<line2>delete
" ======================================            }}}1

source    ~/.vim/menu.vim        " My customized menu
" runt! menu.vim

"runtime etc/wordlist.vim    " common english misstypes
set secure            " safer working with script files in the curdir

" EOF ~/.vim/.vimrc // vim: fen:fdm=marker:fcl=all:fdl=0:fml=1:ts=8:fenc=cp1251:ff=unix:
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